Turning the Tables
A Student Companion to the Development of the Periodic Table, 1850-1950

Tim Metham

Turning the Tables. Author Tim Metham

308pp approx, £tba paperback with accompanying CD-ROM
Publication date: TBA

About the author

Turning the Tables charts the development of the periodic table from its beginnings, when it was based on atomic weight, to its modern format, based on atomic number and electronic structures.  

Its twenty sets of Exercises on particular tables, followed by in-depth Commentaries provide a clear and stimulating framework for gaining a greater insight into the subject. This reader-active, pictorial tour through associated developments in chemistry from the middle of the nineteenth century to the atomic age of the 1940s will appeal to both teachers and students alike.

For chemistry students aged 16 plus and undergraduates, this book is the ideal basis for a personal project. The archive images, background information, exercises and extensive external references make Turning the Tables an invaluable resource for studying the development of the periodic table.

As an aid to teachers the book provides an excellent framework for a class project, suggesting preparatory homework, group exercises, further research and whole-class discussions. Alternatively, teachers can use any one of the twenty exercises as a single lesson for students, with the associated commentary providing all the background needed to support their study. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing all the exercise sheets and the full text of the book, making the preparation of materials for classes a simple process.