Rationalist Essays: Volume 1
Alastair Clarke

Rationalist Essays: Volume 1 - Author - Alastair Clarke

275pp approx, £tba hardback
Publication date: tba

About the author

Clarke’s unshakably rationalist stance is here applied to a variety of subjects regarding the humanities, the sciences, social criticism and popular culture.

Among the varied subjects addressed by the author are architecture and evolution, swearing, education in the sciences, yawning, education in the humanities, affiliation and identity, the matter of abstract states, post-modernism and profundity, the relationship of etiquette to intellect, the nature of rationality, the evolutionary success of modern humans over related human species, ecology and human behaviour, and artificial intelligence.

This collection is intended as the first in an ongoing series. Future volumes are planned featuring contributions from other authors as a forum for original, rational, contemporary thought. Clarke will continue to contribute to and introduce each one while taking over the role of presiding editor.