Alexander Felix
Lone Voice in a Sea of Junk

As the world seems to become increasingly senseless, a new voice has arrived to cut through the junk. Alexander Felix presents a collection of essays that brings style, satire and unerring reason to all aspects of society from housekeeping budgets to conspiracy theories.

While satire for some means ridiculing the political fops of government bodies, Felix wonders how we can possibly excuse the innocents who voted them in. With collected writings scheduled for publication by Pyrrhic House, no one, whether high or low, is immune from Felix’s disappointed eye.  

Lone Voice offers an unassailable, solitary view of the world that is humorous and rational, assessing the morass of misjudgements and misdemeanours that are not just overlooked by the mainstream media but positively nurtured by it.

Alexander Felix: By disappointment to the world.